How to Set Drawing Limits in AutoCAD

In this post we will see the work flow in setting Drawing Limits in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD Software¬†can actually create real life drawings to actual dimensions. To achieve this, we need to set drawing limits. Therefore Limits is an important part within AutoCAD. Now let’s see more about setting limits in AutoCAD.

How to Set Drawing Limits in AutoCAD

The different Examples of Setting Limits are discussed below

Step – 1 Open an acad.dwt template or any template that you are planning to work with. (Make sure Dynamic Input is turned ON)

Step – 2 Now you can actually enable LIMITS in many ways.

a) Open Limits from AutoCAD Application Menu > Drawing Utilities > Limits



b) Type Limits from the command prompt to enable LIMITS

Command: LIMITS
Reset Model space limits:
Specify lower left corner or [ON/OFF] <0.0000,0.0000>:
Specify upper right corner <420.0000,297.0000>:

c) From DYN -Prompt

Now let’s see more on Limits – Limits are ideally the Width and Length ( Height ) of the drawing sheet. Ideally or Universally the lower left corner of the limits is considered to be < 0,0 > and the top right corner of the limits is set by the end user.

When you are drawing a layout of a house to be constructed on a 30 feet x 40 feet site. The limits of the drawing should be <0,0> & <30,40> all set in feet.

Note: Once you have set the limits for a drawing, make sure you save the drawing file so that the limits are set.

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