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How to Save AutoCAD Drawing as Read Only

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by sunithbabu on July 26, 2013

How to Save AutoCAD Drawing as Read Only – is quite a difficult way to answer. The only way to answer this question is by giving different options for the user to Save AutoCAD Drawing as Read Only. Let’s see some of them below

Save AutoCAD Drawing as Read Only

Some of the different methods are listed below please choose which is appropriate in your case.

Method 1 РUse Save As AutoCAD Drawing Files as DXF, by this method you actually prevent the user to make any changes to your drawing files. Making the Drawing as Read-Only Files

save autocad drawing as read only
Method 2 – Ideally you could right click on the drawing file icon (once saved), go to properties and tick read only. Ahh, well that doesn’t “lock” the drawing or anything. they can still edit it, do a Save As, or simply uncheck the Read Only option for the file once they have it.

Method 3 – In case you are on a Network, you can request your Network Administrator to make a READ only Folder and put all the files into it – Eg., READ capabilities but not WRITE capabilities. that way it’ll never be altered, and the file can still be used for Inserting blocks. However, here if you use the explode blocks this will come back into action.

Method 4 РAlthough there are different ways to do a Read Only format, one simple method is to have your AutoCAD Drawing converted into a Pdf file, there by making all your AutoCAD Drawings Read-Only Mode as you cannot edit the Pdf files and can open in a standard acrobat reader.

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