How to view AutoCAD Hidden Commands

AutoCAD has many commands some new while some have come along with every release of AutoCAD Software. With increasing commands, there is always an issue with placing commands within the Ribbon tool bar and panels. In this post we will focus on How to View AutoCAD Hidden Commands.

 How to View AutoCAD Hidden Commands

Apart from the existing visible tools in AutoCAD, there are additional tools that are hidden from view. A user can expand the Ribbon Panel when he sees a inverted triangle next to the panel title ( which means there are additional tools in the panel ) Ideally called as Expanding Hidden Panels.

AutoCAD Hidden Command Access

When the Panels are expanded from their hidden state, you can select additional tools within the Panel. In the above figure, you can see that, Modify Panel is expanded to get additional tools.


  • In case you move the cursor to the drawing area you can notice that the expanded panel shrinks to the original size.
  • You can click on the PushPin Icon ( see the Red Circle ) in the above image, to keep the panel bar in locked position or in open position.

In case you need to open the Break Tool, you will read as Click on the Break Command in the Expanded Modify Panel.

Further, when you work on a smaller screen – The Panels towards the far right of the Screen will show only their titles by reducing the panel size and when you move the cursor on them they will get expanded.

Hidden Panel in AutoCAD


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