Classic View in AutoCAD

Right from the first GUI version of AutoCAD, we had the Classic View. Since Microsoft changed the Ribbon UI, many software companies changed the Ribbon UI too. In this post we will learn How to Change to AutoCAD Classic View. AutoCAD has FOUR Different workspace to choose from and change to AutoCAD Classic is very easy.

Classic View in AutoCAD

You can change from default View (Drafting and Annotation) in AutoCADĀ  to Classic View in AutoCAD by making use of the Workspace option in AutoCAD and in turn you can work with AutoCAD Classic Toolbars.

Method 1: Change to Classic View in AutoCAD from Quick Access Toolbar

Classic View in AutoCAD

Change to Classic View in AutoCAD

Method 2: Change from workspace in AutoCAD

Alternatively you can change to classic view in autocad by clicking on the status bar and selecting Workspace Switching


Workspace in AutoCAD

AutoCAD 2013 Classic View

By changing the settings from the above method, the AutoCAD 2013 Classic View is shown below for your reference


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  1. hi, how can i set the classic view as a default so i won’t need to define it every time i enter to autocad (autocad 2013) ??? Thank you!

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