AutoCAD 2013 Drawing Recovery Manager

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  1. Graeme Paech says:

    My apologies if this is not the correct forum:
    I’ve just worked on a series of clients drawing using AutoCad 2009. They are using AutoCad 2013. out of 20 or so drawings several drawings when opening with 2013 open up with Errors requesting recovery is required due to any number of errors ranging from 3 to 7 on average. The error message asks [yes] to recover and it aborts or [no] to continue and the drawing opens ok without further error.
    If I recover the drawings, and save-as 2013 or other, the same errors appear regardless. However if I open the same drawings using my version of 2009, I didn’t get any errors.
    The original drawings were compatible with 2009 without conversion.
    Can you please help?

    • Francis Antao says:

      Hello Graeme,
      Did you get the problem resolved. I am having the same problem. Real trouble when batch plotting.

      I will be grateful if you share the solution.

      Kind regards,

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